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SwingTowns Review: Where Adults Have Real Fun

SwingTowns Review: Where Adults Have Real Fun
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The swingers and polyamorists community is genuine
  • A great place to meet people up for real-world parties and encounters
  • Very affordable
  • Operating since 2000
  • Facebook-like design
  • It can be confusing to use a regular search
  • Browsing for online members is bumpy
  • Profiles don’t contain too much information
  • No free communication features
  • Some members are never online

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Despite being active since 2000, SwingTowns is still a website with a very modern look. As a matter of fact, it’s designed just like Facebook in many ways. When it comes to what it has to offer, it’s a swingers club for people who are trying to connect with others, either coupled or single, for sex. Setting up SwingTowns and registering for its services are both very easy. In the end, users will have profiles similar to Facebook. There’s an option to post profile and background photos, too. Different from other dating websites out there, SwingTowns doesn’t ask for too much information from its users. Most profiles here only reveal basic details on age, sex location, and the kind of partner looked for, such as single, gay, bi, lesbian, couples, and so on.

What kind of audience does SwingTowns have?

SwingTowns Review: Where Adults Have Real Fun

SwingTowns is one of the top poly dating sites and is definitely a place where open-minded people get together. Many of its users are swingers interested in threesomes, swinging, making friends with benefits, having group sex and swapping partners. Other users include kinksters, so if you want to play the slave, the Mistress or the Master in a bedroom, this is the place for you. Furthermore, if you’re a polycule or have a partner and you are both interested in polyamory, non-monogamy, and other relationships, you should give SwingTowns a try. All users here love talking openly about sex, so there’s no reason to be shy and to hide any weird fantasy you may be having.

More on SwingTowns Niche

Especially created for people who are already involved in a non-monogamous relationship or those who want to learn more about what this means, SwingTowns is the place where open-minded polycules, singles, or couples get together to meet other people with the same sexual preferences as theirs. This website facilitates the forming of friendships and beautiful relationships between couples, families, poly tribes, singles, and triads.

Is SwingTowns Available Worldwide?

Is SwingTowns available worldwide?

Swingtowns.com can be used worldwide. It matches users according to where they have set their location, which means it makes it very easy to arrange parties and dates with local swingers who have the same sexual preferences as you and depending on the case, your partner. Every region, especially big cities, has its community of polyamorists, swingers, and kinksters, so it’s almost impossible not to find someone close to you and up for partying when browsing the online members.

Ethnic and National Structure

What’s also great about SwingTowns is that it’s ethnically diverse. People from many different nationalities and of all races can be found here, with only a few clicks. This means that if you’re interested in something specific when it comes to race and nationality, you can find what you need on this swingers site.

User Data by Age

Since swinging, group sex and partner swapping are fairly popular among people of all ages, this site’s users are of all ages, starting obviously with 18 years old. However, most of its users are between 35 and 54. It looks like this age category is also very active. However, younger and older people also use this platform intensely, especially older couples. Most users under 30 are singles looking to have some fun.

Gender Stats

Gender structure on Swing Towns is fairly equal, so half of this website’s users are men, and the other half are women. Transsexuals are welcome to open an account here too, but there aren’t too many profiles for people of this gender.

Sexual Orientation Allowed

This swinger dating site welcomes people with straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual orientation, so it’s a place for everyone. There’s no restriction when it comes to what gender users prefer. Couples can be gays or lesbians, yet most couple profiles are of straight people, just like the single profiles. But this is not because there are limitations for gays or lesbians, just because the majority of people from different areas of the world are straight.

SwingTowns Sign Up process

SwingTowns Sign Up process

When registering with SwingTowns, you first have to choose your account type, which can be single, couple, and polycule for personal profiles. Swingers club profiles vary according to themes, interests, and other preferences. When the polycule profile is chosen, infoboxes about three or more people appear and have to be filled. A polycule account can later be turned into a single or couple account.

After setting up your account, it’s time to fill in some basic information, such as the email, the password, the username, and your sexual preferences. If a friend invited you to SwingTowns, you could write to him or her a message. Next, you have to clarify your preferences, and the system shows you what type of accounts you want to appear in your search. This is a very important registration step that has to be carefully set up because the website’s algorithm shows your profile only to those who match your selection, not to mention you can only browse through users of your selected type, too.

After, you will receive a welcome email. There’s no need for you to confirm your account, as this will get done when you upload your picture. Make sure you put a picture of yourself because admins will reject random pictures such as cartoons, logos or images of pets, and so on. If you want your albums to be private and only some other members to see them, you need to have a paid account. Your account will have a profile page and just like on Facebook, a home page. On the personal page, you can change any info.

The home page shows your edit preferences and statistics. On the left, you will be instructed on how to start using the website by completing a few tasks, like choosing three people to begin with. The instructions are very useful for familiarizing new users with this website’s interface. For meeting offline, you can create your own events or join the ones already organized by other SwingTowns members. All these events can be found on the home page and joined by a few simple clicks.

What Information Do Users Have To Provide?

What information do users have to provide?

As you have already learned, the sign-up process at SwingTowns is not at all complicated, nor does it ask for too much information from new users. This platform doesn’t ask too many questions about physical or personality traits, just for a brief description and some info on preferences. The photo arrangement is like on Facebook. New users can expect to complete their profile on this platform in under 10 minutes.

Is There Any Verification?

As said before, the verification process is having your photo approved by admins, which doesn’t last for too long, sometimes under half an hour. After it, you are ready to start using this swingers dating site.

How Fast New Profiles Get Approved?

The maximum time for admins to approve your photo and verify your profile is 24 hours, but it’s unlikely for this process to take that long. It usually happens in 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the queue.

SwingTowns Account Information and Quality

There’s no need to verify your SwingTowns account by email. Instead, all your pictures have to be approved by a moderator before a new profile becomes active, and other members can see these photos. This means you can’t upload pictures of celebrities, cartoon characters, and so on.

SwingTowns Profile Structure

Profile structure at SwingTowns includes your age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and interests. After these have been set, you can start looking for other members according to their location, age, or gender. The platform also lets you upload a video to your profile, which can be very helpful if you want to stand out from the crowd.

How’s the SwingTowns search feature?

How’s the SwingTowns search feature?

So, how to find swingers? There are many different types of search options on this platform. The system can show you most recently created profiles, users in your area, those who are looking for in a specific location, groups, pages & clubs, even events around your location or one you’re planning to visit. You can search by setting your preferences, or the system can send you some profiles it thinks you may be interested in, after matching you up.

Basic Search Features

The basic search criteria on SwingTowns considers gender, age, or offline status and photo or video only. Specialized criteria are available for extended searches, too. With regional searches, you can find people interested in the same things as you are, according to your location. You can block members if you’re not interested in them, and they can block you as well, which means they will no longer appear in your searches.

Advanced Search Features

When it comes to the advanced search features, these are only available for paid memberships and include filters that can help you find what you’re looking for specifically. This means you’ll find a match faster and won’t have to browse that much.

Matching process at SwingTowns

The matching process at SwingTowns is based on user search criteria, so it gives results based on location, age, and gender. You can invite people you’re interested in for private chats and even real dates. The matching algorithm of this platform is quite awesome, and it gives you the results you were looking for very rapidly.

Getting In Touch With Other Swingers

Getting in touch with other swingers

Just like on Facebook, you can find people you’re friends with and add friends to your list. They will all appear in your timeline, while you will be able to follow them and to see if they’re online. All the information appears in the Action feed that looks quite like Facebook’s news feed. The contact can be established through instant messages, video chat, and making comments on member’s activity or status updates.

Chat Features And Usability

Swinger chatroom becomes available after the matching process. If another user likes you, you will have a mailing option activated for him or her, which will enable you to send message requests and likes. However, they will have to accept your requests before chatting can begin. There’s also the extra option of seeing if your message has been read. When it comes to the video chat option, it is user friendly and has impressive high-quality images. Provided, of course, users have good cameras on their computers.

SwingTowns Safety Policies

SwingTowns website is always seeking for fake accounts or creeps. Most reported members usually have their profiles deleted by moderators, so it’s almost impossible to come across scammers around here, which makes this service a safe swingers forum of sorts.

Data Privacy and Protection

Profiles can’t be viewed by those who aren’t registered as members, so it can be said that the level of protection and privacy on this platform is quite high. There’s the option of adding private photos that can only be seen by members you approve of. All data on this website is sent via an SSL connection, so it’s impossible for someone to intercept any of your messages.

How’s The Fake Accounts Situation?

Since an account on this website can be created without confirmation through email, there are some fake accounts and profiles that you may not want to come across or interact with. However, such risks are minimal, since making offline arrangements usually happens responsibly, and moderators rapidly identify fake profiles. Besides, it’s rather unlikely for you to come across one of these profiles, seeing that profile pictures need to be approved by admins, who don’t allow images that don’t seem real to pass.

How Is It Moderated Against Scammers?

How is it moderated against scammers?

Moderators at SwingTowns don’t only approve profiles according to user-uploaded pictures; they also intervene to delete any profiles that have been reported as fake or to block any members that didn’t have proper conduct.

Is the support efficient?

SwingTowns customer support email is support@swingtwons.com. Here, a team of friendly people can solve any problem you may have, including if you want to report a fake account or a misbehaved member in less than 24 hours.

Website usability and design

When it comes to its design and interface, the SwingTowns website is responsive and user-friendly, also easy to use on any laptop, computer, or smartphone. There’s an Action section that works like a newsfeed for the liked members’ posts. Here, the activity of other users you have interacted with can be found, too. Furthermore, you will receive posts from people in the geographic region you have designated, if you designated one. What appears in Action can also be customized according to likes, wants, gender, and age. When it comes to the search engine on this platform, this is divided into Individual Finder, Polyamory Finder, and Threesome Finder. The last two ones are for couples and polyamorous relationships that usually happen casually, whereas the first one is for those looking for other singles or a swinger couple.

SwingTowns App Features

Aside from the computer version, SwingTowns is also available in the Google Play Store, so only for Android. This means it can be used from anywhere, while traveling, in public transport or perhaps when at work. The swingers app works just like the website; there’s nothing different about it. It’s still easy to use and offers the exact same features. You can still see pictures the same as you see them on the computer, and Action appears just like the Facebook news feed appears in the social media app. Many prefer this app to a website because it’s easier to have video chat sessions when using a smartphone.

Membership plans available

Membership plans available

SwingTowns has three membership options to choose from. The first plan is for one month, the other for three (and with one month free), whereas the last one is for life. Prices will be discussed later. What you need to keep in mind is that a paid membership has much more to offer than a free account, which doesn’t even allow you to view other users’ profile pictures.

What Does SwingTowns Free Version Offer?

Registration with SwingTowns is free. You can upgrade to a paid membership whenever you feel like it. With the free version, you can see some details on the other members’ profiles. In case you want to do more and even to search according to your location, the on/offline status, and username, you need to pay for your membership.

As soon as you have a made a membership payment on SwingTowns, you become an Extra, which means you can benefit from advanced search, see who liked you, give unlimited likes to members and see some sex materials. The paid membership also comes with upgraded privacy, not to mention you can decide exactly which members can see your profile.

SwingTowns Plans and Prices

Another great thing about SwingTowns is that it doesn’t charge users that much for a paid membership. Besides, it doesn’t feature paid chatroom sessions or messages. The only reason you should decide to become a paying user of this service is the convenience of searching and surfing. Increased privacy could be another reason.

As a SwingTowns Extra, you can search by criteria, see who you have potential with, give unlimited rewinds, and, as mentioned earlier, you gain access to some X-rated materials. When it comes to how much it would cost you to be an Extra, the price starts at $17 a month, which is not at all that much, considering other similar websites charge for the minute of private chat or any other type of activity you’re having on their pages. The three membership plans on SwingTowns are:

$16.99 per month,

$33.98 for three months and another month free

$169 for lifetime

How to cancel the SwingTowns subscription and delete the profile?

If you have decided to become a paying member of the SwingTowns community, then you must know how or when you can cancel your subscription. If you have a recurring membership, then you can easily cancel it online, from the cancellation page, and you will no longer get charged for the service. There are two ways how you can remove your profile if you want to do this. One is deactivating your profile so that other members are no longer able to look at it. This option offers you a chance to reactivate the same profile in the future. The other option is to close your account, the moment after your profile will be deleted. If you change your mind and want to join SwingTowns again after this, you’ll have to create a new profile. You won’t be charged for closing your account.

In conclusion

In conclusion

SwingTowns is highly appreciated by swingers, partner swappers, and polyamorists from all over the world. It’s a platform for sex enthusiasts and operating since 2000, which means it has 20 years of experience to boast of. More than this, it doesn’t discriminate on sexual orientation, age, sex, gender, or race. Its Facebook-like interface makes it very user-friendly and provides easy searches by chosen criteria such as location, age, gender, or preferences. Swingers and polyamorists from all over the world are using it to date and organize real-world events or parties.

The website uses one of the most amazing matching algorithms, which means it can hook you up with who you were looking for exactly. While registration on the platform is free, a paid membership has a lot more to offer, not to mention it doesn’t cost that much, regardless if you choose a monthly, 3-month plus one free, or a lifetime subscription. You can decide to participate in already organized events, or you can organize your own, with friends and other SwingTowns members you just met.

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