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MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 23-25
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can create a free account and browse profiles, photo albums, and so on;
  • The variety of subscription plans;
  • The price is very affordable. Especially for long terms;
  • There are many ways to communicate with each other;
  • Great activity.
  • The site has no mobile app, which is not common today;
  • As well as other similar sites, you ought to buy a membership to make your communication more convenient;
  • Design is not bad, but it’s not perfect;
  • Filling in your profile may take a lot of time. However, there is a positive effect too.

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Marriage Minded People Meet is not a Tinder-like platform or a place to have some fun. This site is for single people who feel the real necessity of a partner. Not just a sexual partner, but a future husband or wife, someone to spend the whole life together. It’s a helping hand to connect singles with serious intentions if you want. The relationship is one of the essential parts of our life. Searching for real love is complicated. There are many poems, songs, books, movies telling us about how important love is. Love is all you need, remember? So it’s a good idea to provide some special services for those who haven’t found their fate yet. Let’s move forward and see if this site managed to do so.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Users

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

The total amount of users is not that big as some other dating sites may show you, and it’s around 15,000 unique members. However, weekly activity is close to 10,000! These numbers are really impressive.

The Portrait Of An Average Member Of The Dating Websites For Marriage

A typical user of this platform is a regular human being with usual preferences and views. There are people who realized that they are finally ready to make a family, to stop at some points. Usually, thoughts like these come up into one’s mind with age. But it’s not a rule. Some of us just feel it inside from a very young age, so they are looking for somebody who shares these beliefs. And those who haven’t face their luck for some reason seek for a chance here.

Are Dating Sites For Marriage Bound To Some Locations?

Every Canadian or American resident can be a part of the community. Distance should not be an obstacle to making your life better.

Does Ethnicity Matter on MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.com?

The site welcomes people of any ethnicity and says ‘no’ to discrimination in general. Of course, it doesn’t matter where you are from, what culture you represent, what religious views do you have, or what you think about politics. Feel free to be who you are.

The Average Age Of Marriage Minded People On The Site

Talking about average age, it’s a bit complicated to name just one. Somehow, age is closely connected with gender in this case. There are a lot of women at the site, and most of them are from 35 to 44. The second-largest group of female users is 25-34. Meanwhile, the most common age among the men who are looking for marriage is from 44 to 54. It’s explained by the fact that younger people are usually busy with their jobs, plans, etc. so they don’t think about settling down.

Gender Structure on MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.com

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

There is a little contrast between men’s and women’s activity because the percentage of female users is 1,5 bigger than the male’s one. There are 60% of women and 40% of men, which is good for new male members.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.com: Attitude Towards Various Sexual Orientations

We live in a modern world that breaks the wall of prejudices and builds a tolerant society. Everyone has a right to be happy in love, making family, and living a peaceful life. So, no matter who you love, you are welcome here.

Registration Process

Becoming a new member of the Marriage Minded People is easy and fast. You will be met by the personality test that is supposed to help you in matching. This test is worth answering, but you can skip it and answer later. Filling your profile’s info increases your chances of matching someone. An interesting profile with a lot of details always catches people’s attention. Special instructions follow all your steps.

What is Obligatory for MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Login?

The thing that you have to do is a little essay about you. People should know who you are and make sure you are not fake. Also, you can write two more paragraphs to describe the most crucial details of yours. Those paragraphs separated from the main block. Why should you be picked among all other marriage minded singles? Your general personal information is needed, as well.

What About the Verification Process?

You can create an account without verifying it. It makes the whole process faster but excludes the possibility of moderating accounts at the initial phase. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore rules and service’s terms. Also, be cautious and attentive to recognize fakes before you involved with them.

How Long Does It Take To Get on MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.com?

To start browsing through profiles and be able to use the site’s features, 5-10 minutes are enough. If you want to complete your profile, pass the personality test, and fill all the necessary information, it would probably take a bit more.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Account — what’s inside?

As was mentioned, due to the main idea of the site, the essential part of your profile is personal information. What if you were not online, what would you like to know about your hypothetical lifetime partner? What would be interesting for others? Of course, the knowledge about someone is gaining from long conversations, complicated situations, and other moments. But don’t you want to know at least the main facts to decide whether it’s worth trying or you are very different and do not suit each other? Women looking for marriage are especially interested in such information. That’s why it’s important to be fair about yourself. Do not waste your time, and do your best to make a good impression.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Profile Blocks

The profile contains several blocks, such as general information, introduction, optional essays, and photos. The introduction is mandatory, and it’s visible for every user. It should be interesting but informative and readable. Do not write thousands of words. Just briefly tell about yourself to make it easier to understand your personality. If you want more, you can describe your hobbies, beliefs, and other details in additional essays. General information such as your name, age, or location is obligatory as well. And, of course, the album of your best photos will be helpful. You can use your account without any picture, in fact, but it’s pretty useless. According to the statistics, photos are vital on dating sites for marriage. Moreover, profiles without photos can be considered as fake sometimes.

How Can You Search For Someone To Start Communication?

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

The searching process is pretty standard, and it’s the same for all kinds of memberships. There is no particular system or an advanced search. You have some criteria that used to find potential partners and a lot of filters that can use for a better search. You can browse profiles and see their photos even without a subscription. The sad thing about it is that you have got only five matches per day.

How Matches on MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Work?

As was already mentioned, your criteria play the most crucial role in finding appropriate people. According to these parameters, you get new matches every day. You can look through this list until you find someone to initiate contact with. Or you can use a «save» button to get back for saved profiles later. Matches appear one by one on the screen, so you can click «yes» if you liked that profile, or «no» if you didn’t. Looking for single women and men can be simple.

Starting A Conversation On Marriage Minded Dating Sites

Once you have found a person you are interested in, you can start to communicate somehow. But if your account does not have any subscription plan, the only available mean of communication for you is «flirts.» It indicates that you are interested in this particular profile. Send him or her ‘flirt’ to inform them about your intentions. But it’s complicated to have a conversation without any other options. You must become a premium user by purchasing a subscription to start messaging. However, there is a situation that allows free trial users to text. If you receive a message from a premium member, you can continue texting.

How Does The Chat of Singles Looking for Marriage Look Like?

Chat’s interface is not outstanding at all. It is a chat window where you can talk a bit and share some additional information. Guess, since the main idea is dating, it’s better to use MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.com as a simple ”runway.” Of course, you should not trust with your private information to a stranger. Get to know each other before you can finally meet IRL. This chat is enough for such purposes. Also, premium members have access to live chat with currently-online users.

Does MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Guarantee Your Safety?

This is the question that is important for a lot of people. If you think that safety is not that crucial for dating service, you should change your mind. Every respectable company should take care of the customer’s security. MarriageMindedPeople has a good reputation because the privacy policy of the site is strictly obeyed.

If you decide to use some online services, it’s advisable to gather the information before you start. First, check the safety page at this site. Do not trust sites that don’t have a single word on safety policy on their main page.

Data Privacy and Protection

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

Your privacy is one of the top priority things. All personal information that you provide during the registration or while you are completing your profile is secret and can’t be shared with a third person. All documents regarding the Privacy Policy of the platform are easily available and not hard to understand.

Can You Face Fakes On MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.Com?

Unfortunately, scam profiles can’t be totally avoided. It’s very complicated to check all the profiles for suspicious activity because it requires a lot of time and resources. Moreover, it’s impossible to be objective sometimes. Every decision made about considering some accounts as scam should have a reason. But you can help to make the community better and cleaner – first, be responsible and fair. Being a good member is 50% of our safety. Then, you can submit reports if you have noticed inappropriate actions, rude behavior, or Terms abusing. This information goes straight to the site’s moderators. You can also block users if you don’t want to receive any messages or notifications from them. Follow the tips that you can find on the safety page. For example, For example, you should never share information about your finances or payment methods. MarriageMindedPeopleMeet login password should stay private too.

How MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.Com Reacts On My Report?

All reported accounts are to be moderated thoroughly. After inspection, they may get banned if the suspicions are confirmed. It prohibits the next attempts to sign in. All reports are anonymous, so you should not worry about yourself.

Where Can You Ask for Help?

The support is represented with a contact application form and the extensive FAQ section, where you can find almost everything you need. If you can’t find an answer, use the given form to contact the site’s moderators. Choose the category of your question, write your email address, and describe your problem. You should receive an answer with one day after you submit a request. There is a special email address that is on the security page. This department takes care of urgent security inquires.

What About the Usability?

The interface of marriage minded dating sites is important for users. What concerns our case, the interface is very intuitive and simple. There are no extra details that confuse you and spoil the user experience. The absence of annoying ads that are common for such sites is a very pleasant fact. Thanks to this interface, it’s easy to navigate through the site. Everything is rather understandable and useful.

The design comes in minimalistic vibes with a good choice of colors and shades. But it’s far from being great, frankly speaking. It is a way too old-fashioned for today’s trends. This may be good for the audience that this site has, but it’s not all the rage for sure. A great area of the site is always empty, and it feels like something is missing.

Is MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Available for Mobiles?

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

Mobile applications are very popular nowadays, and they bring a whole new experience of using old services. You can take your smartphone anywhere you go. Imagine single men looking for marriage who are probably busy with their troubles – business trips, meetings, chores, and so on. It makes them be always in a hurry, always in some new places. That is the situation where mobile apps can be the best option to stay in touch!

Unfortunately, MarriageMindedPeopleMeet hasn’t created its app yet. And this is a considerable disadvantage. Maybe the mobile app is not that useful, due to the average age of users. The older generation is more about laptops and computers. Or there is no explanation at all. However, the site itself is mobile-friendly, so you can easily use the site via mobile browsers without any complications.

Becoming a Member of MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.com

You are a member once you have finished the registration. Being a registered user, you are now allowed to look through profiles, to fill in your own, change settings, and so on. But you are just a standard user with no subscription plan. It means you’ve got restrictions on some features.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Without Paying

Here’s what you can do if you haven’t purchased a premium yet:

  • Browsing profiles;
  • Anonymous profile mode. It gives you the opportunity of anonymous browsing;
  • Flirting. Send flirts to show your attitude towards someone;
  • Removing your Profile. This option is available in the settings;
  • Answer messages from premium accounts.

These options are not enough to find a husband or a wife, but they are enough to realize the site’s usability. You can try it without paying, which is great. Then it’s up to you to decide whether you want to continue or not. If you have decided that you need a premium account, look at what you can get from it.

Premium Features

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

There are no big differences in the number of free features and paid features. There is only one main thing that makes those two types of membership differ, but this thing changes everything. A paid membership unlocks the chat. That is vital for those who are looking for marriage partner. Also, paid accounts provide users with a special option to see the sender, who sends them flirts and can use the online chat as well.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Pricing

The first try should begin with one month of subscribing. It costs $13,99 every month using this plan. The next step is a 3-months plan that reduces the cost of each month to $8,99. The total price of this subscription is $26,97. And the final step is for people with serious intentions and experience of using other dating websites for marriage. The 6-months plan costs $39,94. In that case, one month costs $6,49.

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet — How to Stop Being a Member

Your account may become useless for you, or you may want to stop using it for some reason. Anyway, the following actions are the same for both variants. If you don’t want to be a member anymore, you have to cancel your subscription. Go to the setting and find «My Account,» then find the status of your account and click on «view my account status.» The next link that you need is a link with more changes where you can finally remove your account. All photos and other information will be immediately deleted. Notice that a canceled subscription can be reactivated. All you have to do is to sign in again.

Summary: MarriageMindedPeopleMeet.com — worth to try

MarriageMindedPeopleMeet Review: Let’s Look from The Inside

We can speak a lot about the usability of such sites, about their features, pros, and cons. This site is worth trying because it’s a breath of fresh air. Nothing is ideal, for sure. But we are not talking about ideal solutions. If you are a man looking for wife or a woman looking for a husband, you would like to know more about all the possibilities that can help you, no doubts. In that case, it’s good to read about MarraigeMindedPeopleMeet because this service has real advantages compared to many other services.

The very first and obvious — the site works. Users are not fake, activity is great, and there is no advertising with a lot of nudes. The community is very close-knit; almost every member of this community is a responsible adult with clear intentions. If you consider yourself as the one who needs such help, you should sign in and try for free. Joining in is off charge. Although the main option locked for free accounts, there is still a lot you can do. This is another significant advantage because we all worry about money. If you must buy something from the very beginning, it will scare you off. Of course, you should feel safe about using a service. Your safety is guaranteed here, 100% sure. It’s not necessary to count all advantages again. You can go back and check it whenever you want.

Building a relationship is hard. It’s a tough work that has to be taken seriously. Otherwise, you can regret your decisions. And that is the reason to accept the help of modern technologies. Make your life comfortable and reasonable. A little research never harmed anybody, so you’d better read MarriageMindedPeopleMeet reviews before you start.

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