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Lumen App Review – Is it One of the Best Websites for Dating After 50

Lumen App Review – Is it One of the Best Websites for Dating After 50
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Pros and Cons

  • It is one of the dating sites for seniors over 50. There aren’t any other programs for this target audience on the market. The most obvious reason why developers avoid producing apps for dating after 50 is the fact that they believe that these individuals don’t have smartphones. However, such a point of view is wrong. That’s why more than 1.3 million accounts are on this app. Thousands of elderly people use Lumen regularly.
  • A simple interface. This program founded for seniors who don’t spend several hours daily on the internet. Lumen has a good-looking interface. There aren’t any functions that can be difficult to use. As stated in the Lumen reviews, most of the members understand who to communicate without any help.
  • Verification. It’s impossible to start dating in your 50s with a stranger or begin browsing other users’ profiles if you haven’t confirmed your account. In this case, all users go through the verification process and upload their photos. Such a procedure doesn’t take much time but allows avoiding scammers or bots to create their accounts.
  • This app is free to sign up. Members of this tinder for seniors won’t have to pay for most of the features. Seniors can have conversations via this platform. It’s possible to start up to 6 talkings daily with no payments.
  • Easy to start. If you don’t know how to begin the first conversation, you can use one of 50 ice-breaking phrases. So, you will never seem boring to strangers.
  • This app is available for different operating systems. To download Lumen, users can have mobile phones with Android and iPhones. Functions are the same regardless of this factor. People don’t need to have the latest versions of phones to spend their time with a pleasant interlocutor situated in another part of the world.
  • Members from all over the world – it’s possible to meet your significant other even if you live in a small suburban area. There’re people on Lumen living not only in English-speaking countries. There’re people from but also in Germany or France. So, you don’t have to speak English fluently to find your true love via this app.
  • Not all features are free. With unpaid subscriptions, members get access to limited functions. For example, with a free version, it’s possible to start 6 conversations per day. These users can exploit advanced searching. To utilize these options, required to purchase a premium membership. It’s not expensive but provides access to detailed filters. So, it’s less complicated to meet a partner for a long-term relationship.
  • Only an app. Lumen is one of the over 50 dating sites for those who communicate via their mobile devices. So, if you are used to interacting via your computer, it can be harder to adjust to the app.
  • Your destiny can be far away from you. More than a million members are on the Lumen dating site. There’s a high chance that your significant other lives in another part of the world. So, it’s more difficult for you to meet in reality. Nevertheless, lots of features for communication make this process enjoyable and can feel like you are close to your beloved partner.
  • All users have to upload at least three photos. It’s needed to help other members find out more about other users beforehand. Furthermore, these pictures should show your face. It’s better not to use face filters or masks.
  • To start the first interaction, required to use an ice-breaker that consists of at least 50 characters. Such a requirement helps avoid situations when a particular member sends only a «Hello!» message to a stranger. As a result, the last one doesn’t know what to expect from his potential interlocutor.

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Lumen App is a dating app that developed in 2018. One of its founders is Charly Lester. She had already had five years of experience in this industry before that time. The second owner of this online platform is Antonie Argouges. He’s a well-known professional who used to be one of the main managers of Bumble, Badoo and, Match.com, world-spread dating sites for seniors and young adults. Lumen became a popular app among singles over 50 quickly, and there’s nothing to surprise. The main reason is that online service developed by experts in this field. These days it’s considered the first program aimed to help singles over 50.

Being the app for seniors Lumen dating app is crowded by members all around the globe. But is it the only reason why you need to start 50+ dating via this website, or are there any other features it can provide? If you want to find out if this dating service is worth it, read this Lumen dating review.

People who use site

Lumen App site

What is Lumen? Everyone needs to have a significant other, a person who will support him in the most complicated situations. It’s impossible to survive without such a partner, especially if you want to start over 50 dating. But the main problem for older people and still haven’t met their couple yet is that it’s getting complicated to find someone to date with. In this case, dating websites will become a great solution. There’re lots of them on the internet. However, a few of these senior dating sites are suitable for human beings over 50. Lumen app is one of these services.

Who is This App for?

As mentioned above, Lumen is a dating app developed for senior dating. That’s why 100% of members of this online service are seniors. Nevertheless, even though there’s such an age restriction in this program, it doesn’t mean that it’s not used by millions of people who situated in different parts of the globe. According to the statistics, there’re more than 1.3 million members on Lumen From all around the globe. Moreover, these numbers increase regularly. All profiles are verified and can be trusted.

The Location of Members

Lumen App  members

Software engineers from the UK developed Lumen. Most of the members of this app are citizens of this country. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry if you live in another part of the world. You can find users who situated in:

  • The United States;
  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • Germany;
  • France.

Such a great geographical diversity permits you to find your true love even if you aren’t from an English-speaking commonwealth.

The Ethnic Singularities Among Members

This app is one of the most beneficial dating sites for people over 50. That’s why it’s not the best choice for you in case you aren’t eager to start dating or even build up a long-term relationship with another member of Lumen. There’s such a specification in the age. Most of the users have the same goal. Almost all of them sign up on this service, not simply for dating but for getting married. So, it’s almost impossible to find here a person who wants to start dating someone to spend a couple of nights with.

There aren’t any specificities culture or religion on this app because it’s used all over the globe. That’s why you will find a partner for dating, not only if you’re Christian. There’re lots of members from different confessions on Lumen. Nonetheless, it’s possible to choose a particular ethnicity and a preferred religion when you are using a searching feature.

How Old are The Members?

Lumen App  members

All members of the Lumen are more than 50 years old. Furthermore, in case you are younger and still want to meet an elder partner for dating, your profile will be blocked permanently by the administration. So, you will receive an automatic message from the app to leave this dating service.

As the statistics say, most of the members of Lumen are about 56 years old. However, the oldest member of this app is 97 years old. As you can see, it’s easy to use this dating platform even if you older than an average internet user.

Members’ Gender

One more reason to choose Lumen instead of other apps for dating over 50 is that the number of males is almost the same as females’ profiles. As the owners of this dating platform say, there’re about 48% of men on Lumen, and others are women. So, you will be able to find a partner for a long-term relationship. Your gender doesn’t matter.

Preferences in Sexual

Lumen is one of the dating sites over 50 that accepts all sexual preferences. It means that you use this platform for dating if even you aren’t heterosexual. In this case, all members can choose the gender they are looking for while browsing for other members. This characteristic can choose when you’re creating your account.

Start Using Lumen App

Lumen is a modern platform that doesn’t have any useless features. The only thing to do beforehand is to download the app on your smartphone operating on Android or iOS. There’re different ways to sign up, including:

  • Your Facebook account;
  • Your phone number;
  • Your email address.

If you choose the second option, you will receive a code on your smartphone in 45 seconds. You need to add this combination to the field. Then you will be on the page where you have to provide your personal information.

Nevertheless, before choosing a particular method, we recommend reading the document called «Terms of service.» To get access to this text, you need to click on the link located on the bottom of the page. After getting acknowledged, you will learn your rights on the service and rules you must follow. It will help you avoid situations when your account is blocked, and you don’t know why.

The Info to Provide

Lumen App info to provide

To start your conversation, you don’t have to provide much information about yourself. The data you ought to add to communicate via Lumen App is:

  • Your first name;
  • Your gender;
  • Your birthday;
  • Your occupation. If you are retired, you can choose your last workplace.

However, if you sign up via your Facebook account, this information will be included automatically.

The next step to create your profile is to describe the person you are looking for. There aren’t any specific characteristics. You can write whatever you want in the empty field. Nevertheless, if you don’t look anyone specific, you can skip this step. But if you understand who is your best partner, you can return to this point later.

The Verification Process

Lumen App verification proces

After adding general information to your account, you have to go through the verification process. It’s impossible to start your conversation on the Lumen dating app if you don’t go through this procedure. It’s required to avoid situations when scammers try creating their accounts on this app. So, it’s almost impossible to find members acting inappropriately on Lumen.

To verify your account, you need to upload three pictures of yours. If you aren’t sure that all of them are in good quality, you can post up to 6 photos. To avoid being declined, you must follow these rules:

  • Your photo should demonstrate your face;
  • It’s better not to use face filters or masks;
  • Pictures shouldn’t be intimate.

When you have uploaded your images, you will have to take a selfie using your phone camera. To do this, you need to tap on the yellow button on the bottom of the display.

After the verification process, it’s possible dating for seniors login.

How Much To Wait To Get Approval

The verification process doesn’t take much time. During this procedure, the member’s selfie compared to those pictures that he has uploaded. This activity is done automatically. The maximum time it can take is less than 5 minutes.

If you are accepted, you will offer to use a «Guided tour.» It’s a great function for people who have never communicated via dating apps before. With this material, you will learn how to utilize the main features and where all options for conversations are situated. To go through this tour, you don’t need more than one or two minutes.

Profiles on Lumen App

Lumen App Profiles

After getting verified, all users can make their accounts personalized. We recommend going through this process to let other members of the Lumen dating app find out about your personality.

How do profiles look on Lumen App?

When you are verified, you can add information about yourself to your profile. There’s a field «About me» on the page. You can write about your personal preferences or hobbies to find that partner who can share your interests. It’s possible to skip this step. Nevertheless, profiles that don’t have any description aren’t as popular as those that have added some facts to their accounts. Furthermore, the chance that your message answered decreases. So, if you want to meet your destiny faster, we recommend writing something unique about yourself.

However, if you want to protect yourself, it’s better not to add private information. This data includes not only some intimate facts. It’s also about your address or where you and your relatives work. Moreover, avoid sharing such info while having the first conversation with a stranger on Lumen.

How Does the Searching Work on Lumen App?

Lumen App Searching

The searching feature is available for all members of Lumen. However, with a free version of this app, users get access to the basic filters. If you want to find a particular partner having specific characteristics, it’s needed to use advanced browsing. To get access to this option, you must purchase a premium subscription.

Basic Searching Features

With a free version of Lumen, you can find your partner according to the main characteristics. These filters include:

  • The gender you need;
  • Your potential partner’s age;
  • How far he must be from you.

Advanced Searching Features

If the main filters cannot help you find your perfect couple, advanced searching is a marvelous solution for you. With a premium subscription, you can browse all members with according to these specific features:

  • Height;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Religion;
  • Smoking;
  • Drinking;
  • Eating;
  • Children.

While choosing the smoking and drinking features, you can select how often the member does it. Moreover, you can ask to show users who don’t have these bad habits. If one of the profiles has engaged you, but this person is offline, you can add him to the list of your favorites. So, you will be able to send him a message when he is on the site.

How are Users Matched?

Lumen Users Matched

Using filters is the most profitable way to get matched to your perfect partner. The main reason for this is that you choose all characteristics you appreciate in another person.

Start Your Conversation

When you have chosen filters, you will get a list of accounts. You will be able to do these actions:

  • To skip the member;
  • To add this person to your favorites;
  • To tap on the «Chat» button and start your conversation.

To begin your first conversation, you ought to send a message containing at least 50 symbols. It lets avoid situations when the message can’t tell anything about the person. After sending it, your interlocutor has three days to answer your request. So, Lumen helps not interact with those who aren’t interested in dating.

Chat Features

It’s possible to send text messages. You cannot share videos and photo materials. The maximum number of conversations per day for free users is 6. With a premium membership, you can start up to 12 conversations daily. To manage your conversations, you ought to click on the «Messages» button on the bottom of the page. To make your interactions joyful, you can join groups such as:

  • Home and garden;
  • Films and TV;
  • Meet and Greet;
  • Travel.

The Safety of Lumen

Working with Lumen, you can feel safe because the app protects your information.

Is the Info Protected?

If you create your profile via Facebook, this app doesn’t get access to the materials you post where. There’s an encryption system on Lumen. Third parties or hackers won’t steal your data.

Are There Scam Profiles?

All people who create their profiles on Lumen have to verify their accounts before communicating with other members. That’s why it’s impossible to meet fake profiles on this app.

Dealing With Inappropriate Behavior

If you notice that one of the members behaves inappropriately, you will be able to block this person. The app will get the notification on this profile. So, by blocking this individual, you will protect others from a strange person.

Help and Support

Lumen App  Support

You can solve problems with the website alone. Answers to the main questions are on the page FAQs. If you have problems with the verification process, you can contact the customer support service via email.

How the App Looks

This app looks modern – designed in a combination of yellow and white. All sections of Lumen are on the bottom of the page. The menu includes:

  • Discover;
  • Favorites;
  • Messages;
  • Profile.

To learn how to work with this app, use a «Guided tour.»

Kinds of Subscription

Lumen is one of the free dating sites for over 50. But to get access to specific features, you need to purchase a premium version of this app.

Free Membership on Lumen Apps

It’s free to create your profile and search for other users. This version lets start six conversations daily and provides access to general filters.

With a premium subscription, you can have 12 conversations in a raw and use advanced filters. Furthermore, you can see a particular person who has added you to the list of his favorites.

How Much to Pay on Lumen Apps

It’s possible to purchase a premium version for:

  • 1 week ($11.99 per week);
  • 1 month ($35.99 per month);
  • 3 months ($24.00 per month);
  • 6 months ($16.66 per month).

To save your money, purchase a membership for several months.

Cancellation of Payment on Lumen App

If you want to stop paying for your subscription, you can cancel it. You need to go to the settings and to abolish the withdrawal.

Our Opinion

Lumen is one of the best dating sites for seniors. It’s available for all operating systems. It doesn’t have a difficult interface – it’s easy to use this mature dating app.

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