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IndianCupid Review – Will You Meet Your True Love Here?

IndianCupid Review – Will You Meet Your True Love Here?
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • IndianCupid is a free Indian dating website.
  • This website looks modern
  • Searching functions work great
  • Different ways of communication are presented.
  • There are a lot of members on his website.
  • IndianCupid is safe
  • An app.
  • Members of the website are spread all over the world. IndianCupid
  • There’s a paid membership.
  • The app is available only for Android users.
  • There’s no compulsory verification.
  • There’re more male users on IndianCupid than females

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Are you looking for your true love? Then IndianCupid will become a great choice for you. This is an online platform founded specifically for Indian singles who are looking for their significant others. For many, it’s quite important to choose a couple for a long-term relationship that also belongs to their culture, and a lot of aspects that include religion, family type, financial state, and the way your beloved partner looks are essential.

In this case, Indian Cupid helps a lot because after being registered here, you will get along with dozens of Indians who are located nearby. This dating website has been operating since 2000, and now you can read hundreds of success stories about people who got married via this website. Nonetheless, users aren’t required to be Indians to sign up on this online platform. You are allowed to become a member even if you are just looking for a partner who belongs to this culture. Furthermore, you can feel absolutely safe while having conversations with other users on this website because there’s a system of protection that protects from scammers. To find out if this’s the best Indian dating app, read this review.

Who Are the Members of IndianCupid?

IndianCupid Members

Since IndianCupid is one of the Indian dating sites specifically for Indians, there aren’t as many members on this website as on other services. However, a number of users have already reached up to more than 45 thousand members living all around the globe, and almost 2,000 people use services provided on IndianCupid every day, and most of them have purchased a premium membership, and some of them even use a gold subscription.

Does IndianCupid Have Any Specification?
IndianCupid Specification

This website is a platform used mostly by Indians. That’s why it’s better to choose this website only in case you share the main traditions of this culture and want to meet someone who is dedicated to his family life.

One of the essential pros of IndianCupid is that almost all of the members of this website have the same goals. Most of the users are eager to find a partner not simply for a long-term relationship but for getting married. So, you should avoid registering here in case if you need someone to spend a couple of nights with.

Geographical Structure

This dating website was developed by software engineers from the USA. According to the statistics, there’re about 9,000 Americans on this service. However, since this dating platform has a user-friendly interface and lots of features helping to meet your destiny, it’s become used all over the world.

These days IndianCupid is also utilized by citizens of:

  • India;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Germany;
  • Malaysia and other countries.

Such a great geographical spread of the website allows you to find a partner to communicate with, even if you believe that there aren’t many Indians in your area.

Age of Users

Since this is one of the Indian dating sites used mostly for finding a partner for marriage, most of the members here are young adults from 25 to 34 years old. However, there’s also a great number of people from 18 to 24 on IndianCupid. Elderly individuals from 55 years old aren’t presented on the platform. And it’s not a surprise because most of them aren’t interested in the features provided on this service.

The only age restriction on IndianCupid is that it’s not permitted to use the platform in case you are younger than 18. Such a ban is needed to protect teenagers from people behaving strangely. Although there aren’t many of them, their inappropriate activities can be harmful to teens’ emotional states.

Members’ Gender

Most of the Indian singles using IndianCupid are males from 25 to 34. This’s the age when an Indian man is ready to start building his own family. Since the traditions of this culture require men to make the first step, there’re only 35% of females, and most of them are the same age.

Sexual Preferences

Since India is a country where people approve mostly traditional heterosexual marriages, there aren’t many homosexual members on IndianCupid. Nevertheless, it’s possible to choose the gender you are looking for while creating your profile.

Signing Up on IndianCupid

IndianCupid Geographical Structure

IndianCupid has a better-looking interface than other Indian dating apps, and you won’t need to spend hours creating your profile on this platform. The only thing you’re required to do is to go to the main page of the website and to click on the button to sign up. It’s located on the top of the page. After that, a form that is needed to be filled out will appear on the page.

The information you Need to Provide

IndianCupid doesn’t require providing much information to get signed up. To start communicating, you only need to send this info:

  • Your first name;
  • Your gender;
  • The gender you are looking for;
  • Your age;
  • Your email address;
  • Password.

After filling out the gaps, you ought to click on the «View Singles Now» button. Nonetheless, before tapping, it’s recommended to read the documents called «Terms of Use» and «Privacy Statement.» Getting acknowledged with these official papers will allow you to learn what rights you have and what rules you are required to follow to avoid being banned on IndianCupid.

If you want the registration process to be faster, you can create your profile using your account on Facebook. By doing this, you shouldn’t be afraid that this website will start using the data on your page on this social media website.

How to get Verified

When you have sent your form, you get access to all features of IndianCupid immediately. Before starting your first interaction, you aren’t required to go through the verification process. However, if you want to find your partner faster, you should fo this. To get your account confirmed, you only need to upload your photo. If you want to avoid not getting approved, it’s better not to post those pictures without your face. Moreover, the quality of the image should be high, and you need to avoid using face filters or masks.

One more thing you can do to verify your account is to add one of your identification documents including your:

  • Passport;
  • National ID certificate;
  • Driver’s license.

Such verification will help you reach the top of all profiles. Getting more popular, you will start receiving more messages from other members.

How Much Does it Take to Get Verified

IndianCupid price

Since several hundred users create their personal profiles on IndianCupid daily, it can take from 24 to 48 hours to wait for your photo to be verified. To make this process faster, you should use a clear picture of yourself.

After you’re verified, you ought to answer several questions about yourself. Such a quiz includes more personalized requests that are aimed to find out more about your interests and the things you prefer. As a result, the program will be able to find that member of IndianCupid who has the same tastes as you.

Account on IndianCupid

When you have verified your account, you can IndianCupid login. In this case, simply tap on the specific button situated at the top of the first page.

Structure of the Profile

To start interacting with other members and browsing new people, you aren’t required to provide much information. However, if you want to make your account more noticeable, you can add your description. In such a text, you can write something about your personal preferences and the things you appreciate in life. To make this description more appealing, try to be engaging, and don’t write any cliches. But it doesn’t mean that you need to share your personal information. It’s better to avoid adding data about your profession or more specific details because this description can be seen by all members of the website and even those who have a free version of IndianCupid.

The Searching Process

Even though the program can offer you a list of people who match you automatically according to your answers, you can also search for other members yourself. Such a feature is available for all members of IndianCupid, but those who have a paid version get more personalized filters.

Basic Searching on IndianCupid

Basic searching includes only the main features, such as:

  • The gender you are looking for;
  • The age range;
  • Where the member is located (country, state, and city);
  • How far is the member (in km)?

Furthermore, it’s to show first the most relevant profiles or newcomers who have only created their accounts.

Premium Searching on IndianCupid

Filters available via basic search aren’t enough to meet your true destiny for Indian dating. That’s why if you are eager to meet your significant other and even get married, you ought to pay for a premium version. With a membership, you will be able to browse all users browse specific features including:

  • Interests;
  • Marital status;
  • Relationship status;
  • Preferences;
  • Education level;
  • Children.

If you have found out someone on the list of this Indian dating hub which seems appealing to you, you are allowed to send your message immediately. However, if this person is offline, you can add him to the list of your favorites. In this case, you need to click on the heart. So, you will be able not to lose this member and text him when he is online.

How Does Matching Work?

As it’s mentioned above, there’re two ways of meeting your partner on this India dating site. To make the process easier, you can use a Matchmaking function. However, before getting access to this feature, you are required to answer a list of personalized questions that are aimed to help the program find out more about you. After doing this, you will receive a list of members who have answered these questions almost the same way.

How to Chat With Others

To start your first interaction with one of the users, you can send a text message. If you are close enough to your interlocutor, you can share your videos with him. Furthermore, it’s possible to send voice messages. This is a great option in case you want to get closer to your online partner but don’t have a chance to meet him in real life because he lives far from you.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to mention that if you have a free membership, you have only a limited number of messages. If you want to communicate with your point of interest with no restrictions, it’s better to purchase a premium subscription.

How the Interface Looks

The interface of IndianCupid looks modern, and it’s designed in red and blue colors. There aren’t lots of useless features on the platform, and you don’t get distracted from your conversation because of ads. The main buttons that are needed to go through one section to another are demonstrated on the top of the main page. The main parts of the menu are:

  • Matches;
  • Search;
  • Messages;
  • Activity.

The Safety of IndianCupid

Members of this India dating site can feel safe when they are looking for a partner via this service because its owners take care of all users.

IndianCupid uses a great encryption system to avoid situations when the data provided by members is stolen by third parties. However, to prevent unexpected cases, it’s better not to share any private information, especially if this’s your first conversation.

Are there Many Fake Profiles?

Since here’s a verification on IndianCupid, and most of the members go through it, there aren’t many scam profiles.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Scams?

Some strange people are still trying to get access to this website. To avoid them, not recommended to interact with people who don’t have pictures.

Support Service

IndianCupid Support Service

If you have trouble dealing with this website, you can contact support service via email. Moreover, to feel secure, there are many articles on IndianCupid, where advice for online dating is provided.

A Mobile Version of IndianCupid

To meet Indian singles, possible to use not only a desktop version but also a mobile app. The only thing you need to do is to download this program on your smartphone. You will get access to all features. However, this app is available only for Android users.

Types of Membership

There’re several ways of communication on IndianCupid. It’s possible to use the website for free or purchase a premium membership.

Free Options

It’s one of the free dating sites in India to sign up and search for the members. However, filters here aren’t detailed, and you can send only a limited number of messages. With a free version, you get a matching feature and watch other users’ profiles.

Premium Options

If you want to get access to more features, you ought to pay for a premium version. It allows using advanced searching and send as many messages as you want. Furthermore, you can chat with others via video and browse anonymously.

With a premium membership, your account will be on the top of all lists.

How Much Does it Cost?

Since with a premium subscription, you get lots of additional features, it’s really worth the sum. There’re different types of memberships:

  • Platinum;
  • Gold.

A platinum subscription for a month costs $39.99, and for a gold version, you ought to pay $34.99. To save your money, you can purchase a membership for 3 months or the entire year.

How to Cancel the Payment

If you don’t want to be subscribed to IndianCupid anymore, you only need to go to your profile and change the settings by turning off the automatic re-bill.


IndianCupid is a great solution if you want to marry an Indian. All of the members here share the traditions of this culture. To communicate, you can use a desktop version or download an app on your mobile phone. To be satisfied with the platform, you can purchase a premium subscription. IndianCupid isn’t expensive but allows you to get access to lots of helpful functions.

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