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Flirt Dating Site: An In-Depth Review

Flirt Dating Site: An In-Depth Review
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-55
Profiles 1 540 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Huge userbase with lots of active members.
  • Quick registration.
  • Viewing matches and seeing who likes you is free.
  • A 3-day trial period with discount.
  • Diversity of nationalities presented.
  • Messages are not free.
  • Many profiles are not that detailed.
  • Viewing full photos is available exclusively to paid members.
  • Many profiles look suspicious or fake.
  • Absence of mobile application.

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Flirt.com dating site caters to single ladies and gentlemen who are not going for serious relationships during this period of their lives. The platform was started in 2009 and has not disappeared from the dating radars since then. The site is owned by Cupid plc Company (earlier known as EasyDate, not to be confused with the Cupid Media conglomerate). Since the onset, Flirt has accumulated more than a million users all over the world. This is a completely legitimate dating operator that claims to support convenient flirting on their site by all means. Thus, it has implemented strong safety measures and is following a stringent anti-scam policy. Now that you find yourself in a secure environment, you can also use most of the Flirt features that help get things going smoothly and spice them up. Based on the Flirt reviews, these features are handy for members who don’t have serious intentions in mind (however, you never can tell). Rather, they come here for a fun and casual atmosphere.

Who Can You Meet on Flirt.com?

As it was already hinted above, you shouldn’t expect long conversations and deep questions concerning your interests or life goals. The main thing about Flirt dating is building attraction based on appearance, flirting, and taking things easy. As soon as you establish contact with someone pleasant, you can meet and figure out whether there is that special chemistry between you two, and then decide what to do next. Flirt.com is a great casual meeting spot for singles who are up for fun, including finding a person for regular hook-ups, someone to spend a nice night with, and everything in this manner. Since the site is hosting around 80,000 active users weekly, with a user base featuring both women and men of all nationalities and ages, it can be said that these people know their business well. Keep on reading this Flirt.com review to know all the perks of this site for casual interactions.

What Is the Site’s Specification?

What Is the Site’s Specification?

First and foremost, Flirt.com is an adult dating service that embraces people of different backgrounds. It is important to stress that only visitors above the legal age of 18 are permitted to register and use the platform’s services. The site users can find all sorts of interactions based on their tastes and preferences.

Geographical Distribution of Members on Flirt.com

The Flirt user base is truly huge and diverse. There are representatives of every country (of every continent for sure), with the biggest interest in the site services coming from the US. This country is followed by Poland, which makes for the fifth part of the total user amount. Among other most represented nations are Turkish visitors, Romanians, and members from the UK. The remaining number of users is dispersed all around the globe. So, if you happen to be one of those who believe in destiny and think that true attraction knows no borders, you will be pleased with the opportunities you can get on Flirt.com.

Ethnicities Represented on the Site

The website of Flirt.com specifies that people interested in meeting people from other nations and races are welcome to create an account with the platform. Thus, if you are into Asian or Indian dating or maybe want to connect with Black or Latina people, you will definitely find a lot of like-minded people and matches here. In general, the site is strongly promoting international and interracial dating.

What Is the Age of Flirt Members?

Most Flirt.com users fall within the age group of 20-35, which means the majority of people are young physically and in their souls. So, anyone in their mid-twenties to early forties will have a vast range of candidates to select from. However, young people’s power should not be underestimated too, as you are going to meet lots of people aged 18-24. Users in their mid-thirties to 55+ are less active on the site.

Gender Structure on Flirt.com

As for gender distribution, 60% of the site users are women, while men are 40%. Such a state of things looks slightly more beneficial for males since they have a wider choice.

Sexual Preferences of Flirt.com

Sexual Preferences of Flirt.com

UsersAs a multicultural and multinational platform, Flirt is willing to cater to broader audiences in terms of sexual orientation. Yes, you can browse for gay and lesbian singles and experience no difficulties in finding your perfect match.

Signing Up for Convenient Flirt Dating

Creating an account with Flirt.com is a fast and straightforward procedure, as it takes just a few minutes to open a dating profile here. If you do not want to, you are not required to indicate all the personal details ASAP. Besides, Flirt does not check whether the provided postal code exists, so you can use any code you wish to sign up with the site. The next obligatory step is to come up with a password and let them know your actual email. You will not be able to complete the registration process without confirming your account through the link sent to your valid email. The site will welcome you on its premises as soon as you accept the invitation with just one click. Note that you will have to enter the activation code indicated under the activation link on the opened Flirt page.

Some Extra Information You Need to Provide

In addition, you will need to fill out the form asking for your personal information, such as your gender and the preferred gender of your perfect partner. You can also add a photo or do it later. Select your website nickname and indicate details about your ethnic origin, body structure, and hair color. Besides, you can write about what you are thinking at the moment and add that as a status.

How to Get Yourself Verified on Flirt.com?

The profile verification is in place on Flirt.com and is conducted per phone calling by their customer support agents. You will be asked to confirm your persona for security purposes. Another reason you are asked to go through the verification is that somebody deemed your account suspicious, which served a reason good enough to include you to the anti-scam list with potential fraudsters.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved?

The Flirt.com representatives are going to contact you within a relatively short time to finish your account verification. Usually, it takes up to a few days.

All You Need to Know About Your Flirt Account

There are some complaints from the site users regarding the profiles on Flirt.com, as many of them show some limited user information. However, you can ask the person you like to add more details to his or her profile. Who knows what stopped them from filling out all the fields; maybe, it was the lack of motivation. There is an interesting ‘Looking for’ section included in all profiles, which is not available for users with free accounts. Right under your member profile, you will see suggestions of users that may be interesting for you.

Flirt Profile Structure

Flirt Profile Structure

In the upper part of your Flirt.com profile, you will find your picture on the right side. Right next to it, there will be your nickname, age, location, and gender. Down under this section, you will see your other personal information and the photo gallery. To better present yourself and show your personality, you can upload three short videos, 30 seconds each, on your page.

How to Perform Search on Flirt

Now when you have your account all set, you just need to go to the search section and start looking for users to flirt with. No matter your subscription, you will be able to see the name, photo, age, and location of each user, as well as view their online status.

Basic Flirt.com Search Methods

There are various basic filters and ranges you can set, including user age, location, and gender. You can also select the needed option among the Currently online, New users, and All members categories.

Advanced Flirt.com Search Methods

There are no advanced or pre-paid features on the site. The set of searching features is pretty ordinary.

How Is the Matching Process Working on the Site?

The matchmaking process on Flirt is based on the filters you set before conducting the search. When you see the result tailored according to your preferences, you will be able to initiate a conversation with the Flirt.com users you favor most. Make sure you provide sufficient information about yourself too. Initially, you may feel a bit uncomfortable, but you must understand that the more detailed your profile is, the higher the chances that the right person decides to contact you or to respond to your message.

Ways to Interact with Others

Flirt.com allows you to exchange free winks with other users and to send them messages, of course. What’s really cool about this platform is that whenever a suspicious site member initiates a chat with you, the platform notifies you that this person is currently being checked for possible scam activity.

Flirt features a ‘Like Gallery’ resembling a roulette-based matching. You will see a profile picture, and you can either like it or close it. In this section, you can view the users who have liked you, the likes you have sent, and your mutual matches.

Another way to keep your liked contacts close on Flirt.com is through the Favorite Contacts feature, which allows you to include any number of people to your list and go over it whenever you want. Since you may be chatting with tons of people, you will find this tool useful because it won’t allow you to forget about someone special.

Flirtcast is another exciting Flirt.com feature. With one click, you can share the same message text with all your matches. However, there is only one Flirtcast available every 12 hours.

Ways to Use the Chat Feature

Ways to Use the Chat Feature

Chat is another feature you will find in your profile. This is the easiest way to go whenever you decide to send a message to someone. Keep in mind that you need to pay for this feature, but for starters, Flirt.com will grant you 5 free chats after you register an account. Use this opportunity to get in touch with five different members. However, note that their responses, as well as the following messages, will be hidden for men. If they want to read them before the site automatically deletes such messages in 24 hours, male users need to upgrade their subscription to a premium level. Women, in turn, can enjoy limitless and free responses to messages from other members.

What is more, you can find a Flirt chat room you like based on the nation prevalent there. While lots of like-minded people in the selected chatroom are interacting to get to know each other better, you can also boost your communication and seducing skills while talking playfully to Is ## Flirt.com Safe to Use?

If, while reading this review, you caught yourself thinking, “Is Flirt.com legit?” the answer is yes, the site is entirely legit and secure. To make flirting comfortable on their site, Flirt has put significant efforts into ensuring the implementation of working safety measures and anti-scam protocols. Flirt complies with privacy policies stipulated by law, and you can see that they strictly enforce the norms from the Terms of Usage section. However, your safety as a user is in your hands when it comes to meeting in person, so you better pay attention to the red flags you see when communicating with the Flirt.com users.

Protection of Users’ Data Privacy

If a member is offensive, you can block them by clicking the respective button on their profile. If you suspect a scammer, you can immediately report such a user by clicking the ‘Report’ button on his or her page on the right side. Besides, you should be cautious when you get a message from a suspicious user. Flirt will inform you about that person being scrutinized for their suspicious activity. The site stresses that if you choose to interact with such a person, it will be your sole responsibility.

What About Scam Profiles? Are There Many of Them on Flirt.com?

There were some cases of scammers reported on the site, but those are promptly dealt with. Flirt.com features a Safe Mode, which allows all users to adjust special settings that do not allow suspicious members to contact them. This mode, in turn, includes three kinds of security levels, namely, full, basic, and off. The first one allows only verified users to get in touch with you, while the basic one allows all members, except for those suspicious ones, to contact you. And the ‘Off’ option eliminates all restrictions for users in contacting you.

How does the Site Act Against Scam Profiles?

User profiles on Flirt.com become verified after the account owner gets the confirming call from Flirt operators. The potential site member is being asked a few simple questions to have their identity validated. This measure also helps to prevent any scammers from entering the site.

Getting Support on Flirt.com

The platform offers a huge info base with plenty of helpful frequently asked questions, which you can access under your profile picture. If you do not find what you need there, you can always contact Flirt.com to get your question answered. There is no phone or email for reaching out to customer support.

The Interface and Website Usability

The Interface and Website Usability

The design of Flirt.com looks simple and is easy to navigate. You will find two sections on the menu above, namely the Search and Like Gallery tabs. In the Search section, there are the search filters in the upper part of the page with All Members, New Members, and Online Now tabs. Site users have their online status shown and are displayed in a grid layout. New users are also marked with a red “New” label. Underneath every profile photo, you will see the name, age, and location of the user shown. At the bottom, there are Chat and Wink action buttons for fast contacting. On the menu’s right side, there is a green Upgrade Now button, which redirects you to the page where you can upgrade your subscription. Besides, you will find an icon that takes you to the inbox section. A red bubble will appear in the chat section whenever you have unread messages. In the far-right corner, there is a menu with your account settings.

Can the Site Members Use a Flirt App?

Unfortunately, Flirt.com does not have a downloadable application. But it does not mean that Flirt can’t be used in a mobile version through the browser. In the mobile version, you will see 5 icons on the site header representing each feature. The search section shows users in a grid layout, and there are Chat and Wink action buttons available under each profile photo.

What Are the Membership Options?

After you look around a bit and finally feel comfy on the site, you can stay with the free subscription, which comes with limited access to some of the most exciting site features, or you can give it a try with a premium subscription.

Flirt.com Free Trial Version

Free Flirt users can create an account, as well as have a limited look at each user’s page, send winks and Flirtcasts, read notifications in the flirty chatroom, and get the use of the search filters. Females can message males free of charge, having up to 5 messages to introduce themselves every day. However, men cannot send messages without a paid membership.

What Premium Features Can Users Enjoy?

It should be noted that first, you can browse the Flirt.com site for three days with a trial membership, which costs $4.23. Afterward, you can opt for one of the options indicated below. Premium subscription grants you access to messaging without limits, seeing big user images, wider user searches, chat videos, the Looking For section, and so on. The easiest way to find what you are looking for on Flirt.com is to join the paid club.

Flirt Pricing Plans and Prices

Flirt.com exclusive services come with their price, which is average compared to other similar sites. You can get a Premium membership for 1 month, which will cost you $28.80, or pay $48.60 for 3 months ($16.20 per one month).

How to Cancel the Flirt Membership and Delete profile?

How to Cancel the Flirt Membership and Delete profile?

If you decide to cancel your Flirt.com premium package, you can do so through your account settings. You will still get the perks of a premium user until the very end billing expiry. In case you don’t like something about your stay on the dating platform, they may offer you a partial refund. Get more information from their customer support service.

If you still get billed after removing your account, then you have to cancel it manually. Note that it is better to first cancel your premium membership and delete your account after that.

To Wrap It Up

People seeking easy communication with no strings attached will like it here at Flirt.com. Unique features in tandem with the possibility to ask the user for more detailed information help you a lot in meeting the right match. It is not necessary to open a premium account from the beginning to have some interaction with others due to the presence of five free messages. Besides, the account registration is completely free, and a new user gets a discount for the 3-day site access. So, since you have all the cards in your sleeve now, don’t hesitate and sign up with Flirt.com to find what your heart truly wants!

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