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ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 23-26
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Possibility of creating a free account
  • It is easy to navigate for beginners
  • Real accounts with real people
  • This ChinaLoveCupid is a well-known and trusted resource
  • A large number of people to choose from
  • Limitations for free accounts
  • The necessity to premium accounts to contact other users
  • No assistance in organizing real-life dates
  • Absence of video chat
  • Only Android app available, no iOS app

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Chinalovecupid com is a website designed for those people who are looking for Chinese singles to start serious relationships with. It is one of the most popular resources dealing with finding suitable Chinese partners to people of all ages and nationalities. Thousands of people worldwide changed their lives by finding their love on this site. Even though this website is dedicated to searching for Chinese singles, it is not entirely Chinese in its origin. It is a part of a much larger company that is well-known in the sphere of online dating. This fact is one of the reasons why this platform is entirely trusted by everyone who uses it.

Chinalovecupid Audience Structure: What’s the Dynamic?

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

Chinalovecupid is quite famous as one of the leaders in Asian dating. This is why thousands of people keep registering their accounts on this site. Approximately the same number of accounts becomes regularly deleted. It happens because most people using this site succeed in finding what they look for. This platform is responsible for creating thousands of new families around the world. The results are astonishing, and it helps to attract more newcomers who are looking for a partner of Chinese origin. So, let’s see what kind of a resource you are about to deal with this time.

Aims And Target Audience Of The Chinalovecupid

This site’s name makes it obvious that it is dedicated to dating Chinese people. China Cupid helps Chinese singles find their partners from Western countries, and most of them wish to leave their native land. What is more, China’s Internet is closed, and no foreigners can get access to this network. This site is quite helpful and popular, especially for people interested in finding a Chinese soul mate. Such peculiarities define the main audience of this site, which consists of Chinese and Western singles looking for each other.

Geographical Structure Of Chinalovecupid Accounts

The audience of chinalovecupid com comes from the US and Europe as well as from some Asian countries. So, no wonder this site is so famous among Western singles. More than that, women who have their accounts on this site wish to leave their native country, and the US and Europe appear to be quite suitable for this purpose.

Ethnic And National Structure Of Chinalovecupid: Not So Obvious

While the name of the site may suggest that only Chinese people are represented there, this assumption is quite wrong. Chinese are, indeed, the main users of this resource, but many Westerners also use this site. Even though China is an almost mono national country, there is a certain variety of national minorities living there. This site is not closed for them in the search for Western singles. So, this platform is not limited only to Chinese girls but also contains profiles of people of other races and nationalities.

ChinaLoveCupid users’ Age Stats & Structure

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

It is unknown much about the age statistics of chinalovecupid com, though most of its users are aged from 20 to 40 years. This category of people is the most active one there. Nevertheless, this site hasn’t got any limitations in registering their clients. The majority of people who enter this platform to find their spouses look for someone of their age or younger. In other words, everyone will have a chance to find a suitable mate here.

Gender Subdivision Chinalovecupid Com

The majority of this site’s users are Chinese men, while women are represented in a fewer number. It is unknown about transgender representatives on this site, but it is supposed that one can hardly find such accounts there. China is not the best country for people having such gender issues.

What Sexual Orientation Is Welcomed on Chinalovecupid?

This site is focused mostly on straight people. Of course, there is a chance to come across LGBTQ-oriented users, though it is quite a rare thing in China in general. This site is more suitable for people who are looking to build traditional relationships. If you look for gay dating, it is more effective to check out some other specialized sites.

Getting Started: How Hard is it to Sign up to ChinaLoveCupid?

Getting started with chinalovecupid com is quite simple and doesn’t require much time or effort. There is a menu for registration that can be found via the log in link, with only four graphs to be filled. In other words, the whole procedure is straightforward and doesn’t require entering any specific information. Also, you can log in via your Facebook profile, which is more suitable for some people.

What Do You Need to Register at chinalovecupid com?

The information you have to enter is limited to your name, e-mail, and age. There is a field where you must write your gender and the gender of a partner you look for. Then, you will have to create and enter your password. This whole process will barely take several minutes, which greatly differs this site from the majority of other free Asian dating sites. Luckily, an internal security system checks every profile carefully on the level of credibility. This function is aimed at filtering fake accounts and scams, which is another benefit of this site.

Verification Logic of Chinese Dating Site

The process of verification of this resource is not too long. As soon as the site’s administration approves your account, you will be able to view singles from a suggested match list. All users have to provide the administrators with some personal information and upload a photo for their accounts. In general, registration takes around 5 minutes. If you wish to change some information in your profile, you can do it whenever you want.

How Soon Are New Accounts Get Approved on Chinalovecupid com?

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

It won’t take long to get your profile approved on this platform, only a few minutes. Administration checks newcomers constantly, and it won’t take long to start browsing the list of singles. Approval is based on checking your personal information and matching it with the information of other users that can suit you perfectly. This feature makes the whole process easier and more comfortable.

ChinaLoveCupid Account Info

Account registration is very convenient and flexible. You have almost unlimited possibilities to express yourself in an account you make. If you want to make your profile brighter and more attractive, you can do it any time you want. Some users find filling out a profile as a means to express themselves.

ChinaLoveCupid Profile Structure

Profiles on Chinese Cupid contain all the necessary information for starting communication immediately. The main information that is viewed in the overview of a profile concerns education, presence or absence of bad habits, religious views, occupation, age, gender, and what you expect from relationships. Also, you will have to mention how many children you have, if any. In general, there is nothing complicated or sophisticated about managing your profile on this site.

ChinaLoveCupid Search Software

The search on this platform may vary depending on the filter you set. It is quite flexible, and you can tune it according to many different preferences. For instance, you can choose only profiles with photos or with a particular number of them. Less active profiles can also be weeded out of this search. Unfortunately, the amount of filters available to free users is minimal. Full access to all filters is obtained after buying a premium account.

Basic Search Possibilities of ChinaLoveCupid

A basic search matches your preferences and personal information with other users’ profiles. Here your tools are limited, though they allow users to browse the list in search of a suitable Chinese woman. Basic filters include gender, age, and country, presence of photos, dating intentions, and profile activity. This function is a required minimum to get started with your search.

Advanced Search Features on ChinaLoveCupid.com

The advanced search has a wider range of tools and filters. You can search Chinese love matches by color, type, and length of their hair, eye color, body type, and weight. This feature saves you time and makes searching more effective.

Matching Process on ChinaLoveCupid.com: How Do They Know?

The process of matching considers all available account information to find profiles that coincide with each other in preferences. Don’t forget that there are approximately one million people registered on this site. So, even if your preferences are very particular, you will still find a person you want. In this light, the site is a perfect representative of Chinese matchmakers!

Contact & Communication Means on China Dating Site

Various options allow users to get in contact with each other. First of all, a special filter allows you to find people for free. In other words, you don’t have to buy special accounts to do this on this China dating site. Also, you can tune it to show only online accounts that are active now. When it comes to messages, you can block those profiles which you don’t want to receive messages from. ‘Like’ function, in a shape of heart, can show your interest in any person you fancy.

Chat Features and Interface on ChinaLoveCupid.com

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

For those who enjoy live conversations, there is a special chat room where you can communicate with other members in real-time mode. One-on-one chats are neatly designed and do not have any obvious bugs. Users can also start audio (but not video) calls on this service.

ChinaLoveCupid Safety Features

Like other Chinese dating sites, this one is equipped with modern means of protection. The site’s administration ensures that none of your personal information leaks out. Also, the administration focuses on weeding out scamming and fake accounts. This process helps to improve its reputation and minimize the level of criticism from users. However, this site doesn’t check the criminal background of its members. That is why you should be careful with giving someone your data, especially if you use it for free. By purchasing a premium account, you will make the level of security higher.

ChinaLoveCupid Data Privacy and Protection Policies

There are China dating sites that fail to provide their users with good protection. Luckily, this site is an exception. Less responsible resources are extremely vulnerable to scamming and fake accounts if not protected carefully. This Chinese dating site uses modern tech that checks all accounts for their intentions, credibility, and viruses. Also, it is not an easy task to create a fake profile here, that is why it is not popular with scammers. Any suspicious account is blocked immediately in case of complaints from other users. The administration is aware of the level of trust its users put in it.

Profile Legitimacy Level of ChinaLoveCupid

Scam accounts get blocked with no further chance of restoring them. This Chinese dating app is known for its unmerciful policy towards scammers; that is why they rarely deal with it.

ChinaLoveCupid Moderation Logic and Policies

Immediate blocking is a necessary means of protecting site members from scammers. However, such cases are sporadic as the administration keeps an eye on any criminal activity within this site. One may say that this is one of the most advanced dating sites in terms of security.

Help & Support Quality of ChinaLoveCupid

Another great feature of this site is well-organized support of its users. The support team reacts to any requests quickly and effectively solves all the problems. Multiple reviews of this site prove this point. This site’s support system is considered one of the best among similar dating resources. The only thing you have to do to get in touch with the support team is to use the “Contact us” button and or to contact them via email, also available on the site.

Website Usability and Design – All the Best for Chinese dating

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

The interface of this site is quite convenient and modern. Even if you are not too familiar with how such sites work, you will learn how to do it quickly. Its design is both modern and quite attractive, with no complicated forms and sections. Any necessary action performed in the easiest of ways possible. The information given on the site is precise and well-structured. In general, it is designed by professionals with huge attention to the smallest details. It is hard to imagine how anyone can have a technical problem using this site.

ChinaLoveCupid app Features

Another great option is that there is a mobile app available on the site. In general, it is an identical copy of a desktop version with the same functions and design. Technically it is designed quite well, and the app itself is very convenient in use. You can also create your account using this mobile app and perform all the available actions in the desktop version. This app is free but is designed solely for Android with no iOS version available.

ChinaLoveCupid Membership Details

Like any dating site, this one has several membership plans available. Accounts are subdivided into free ones and paid ones. Each of them proposes different features, and every user can choose the one they find more appropriate in every particular case. Try each of them and choose which one suits you personally.

ChinaLoveCupid Free Version Features

Free accounts allow their owners to create a profile and upload their photos. These are the minimum required actions you need to perform to start browsing the list of available profiles. Nevertheless, you are only limited to communication with Gold and Platinum members as well as searching for women only on a basic level. The function of viewing other people’s photos is also included in this mode. A free version enjoys some popularity among people who are new to using dating resources, but the site’s potential is fully revealed when you use it through a Premium account. If you wish to communicate with Chinese singles more effectively, we advise you to buy an advanced membership.

Premium features for successful Chinese dating

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

Premium and Gold accounts give their owners a much wider range of possibilities on the site. First of all, you have no limitations in communication. You are allowed to write and receive messages from all the members of this site. Also, live Chinese chat app rooms are available to Gold and Platinum members with no restrictions that free users usually face. You can easily change your profile ranking to get more attention from other members and use translation services if needed. Another great feature of the Premium account is that you will get access to special filters that can specify your search for the people you are interested in. For example, you can filter women by their hair color, hair length, hair type, eye color, weight, body type, body art, and ethnicity. This function makes searching for particular women a lot easier.

ChinaLoveCupid Pricing Logic

Pricing on Chinalovecupid com is reasonable and varies from $35 to $150 for premium accounts. Platinum subscriptions are more expensive than Gold ones, but not significantly. Besides, the longer you subscribe for, the less you pay for each month.

All in all, becoming a member is a worthy thing when you deal with this site. After all, it has many features that make communication on this China dating app available only for those who have Platinum or Gold accounts. These include free translation service, special search filters, and a significant superiority over other profiles on this site. You can make payment with credit cards and other paying systems like PayPal, for example. If you were disappointed with the site and its content, you could have your money back. This feature also concerns when the site has problems caused by technical issues.

ChinaLoveCupid subscription cancelation and profile deactivation

A procedure of canceling subscriptions is different for various accounts. Free users can delete their profiles quickly, just clicking on a couple of buttons. Premium accounts are in a similar position, though a bit more complicated. First of all, you will have to cancel all your subscriptions. This is a necessary procedure without which you are not allowed to leave this site. Then you will have to contact the support team and fill in the reason why you wish to leave the site. It is a typical case with dating sites monitoring the reasons why people go; it makes it easier to upgrade the site and make it better. After you do this, your profile will be deleted in a couple of minutes.

Final Word on ChinaLoveCupid dating

ChinaLoveCupid Review: The Best Way to Find a Chinese Bride

In general, we can say that this is a good and technically advanced dating site. It truly works and helps single and lonely people find their partners for serious relationships. A considerable number of men and women changed their life using this site. This fact shows that this resource is filled with real profiles of people with genuine intentions. A vast number of profiles vary greatly, and you will find a person you wish, even if your preferences are incredibly exotic.

This site is well protected, and there is little chance to get scammed or come across a fake account. Scammers don’t often visit this site as it is well-known because of its security control. Advanced filters make search of the suitable profiles easier though they are available only to premium users. Advanced navigation and design of this site are modern and convenient and easy to cope with even for beginners.

Both desktop and the mobile app work correctly. Pricing is reasonable and quite affordable to most dating sites users. The absence of video chat and no traveling assistance is considered as minus by some users, but the advantages of this site are far more significant than its disadvantages. It is one of the best dating sites to be found on the Internet today. If used properly, it can bring you a lot of fun. In the conclusion of our Chinalovecupid review, we can recommend this site to all singles that desperately search for a partner to communicate with and dream of starting serious relationships.

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