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Adventist Singles Review — Help Yourself

Adventist Singles Review — Help Yourself
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 21-53
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Obligatory verification
  • Mobile app
  • Obligatory profile pic
  • Activity
  • A lot of special features
  • A lot of options are restricted for a standard account
  • Price
  • Only traditional genders

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If it comes to the Adventist Singles connection, prepare to get deep into the Christian world. This service was created to help people with the same faith connect with each other. It’s not just a platform to find some sex partners, but it’s a serious website for seriously intended people. Adventists community fills this site with a special meaning.

Adventist Singles Users

Adventist Singles Users

The site itself has a lot of features that are really necessary for dating services: integrated text messenger, gallery, and so on. Actually, that is not a surprise, because this site is another work of Sparks Network. Are you ready to know more?


Due to the fact that this site is religion-oriented, it makes it hard to compete with other large sites. However, the weekly activity is incredible, and it’s about 10,000 unique users! And this activity is real, people do respond to all kinds of communication: likes, messages, and so on!

Who are These People?

As was said, this platform is characterized by Christian faith, to be more specific — Adventism. And so it makes it easy to create a well-knit community all together with strict rules. The community consists of mature people who know what they want. These people do not look for a one-night-stand person, the look for their futures.

Where are They From?

Actually, all users are from the USA, because this is the main purpose of the site. America is known for its tolerant attitude towards every confession. That’s why it’s important to broaden the possibility of communication for everyone. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t sign in if you are not a resident of the USA.

How old They Are?

How old They Are?

The average age of the majority of users hovers from 25 to 34. There are some users under this age, but the rest of them are above. The great number of members are over 50, which is surprisingly great!

How Many of Them?

The total amount of members is something about 30,000 with a good gender proportion. The percentage of female users is slightly bigger than the male one, and so the proportion is 54% to 46%.

What About Gender?

Adventism considers all homosexual relationships prohibited, as well as unmarried couples. Thus, only traditional genders are represented over here. Males and females with strong intentions to build a new family.

Adventist Singles Connection — Sign up and Start

Signing in for AdventistSinglesConnection is pretty easy. The process takes just a little of your free time and leads right to the main point. It’s very understandable, so every potential user can go through the registration without any complications. Are you excited to know more? Get to know what this site prepared for you.

What do You Need to Fill-in?

First, you will be asked about your gender and your preferences. You can choose either male or female gender for both criteria equally — your gender and the gender of your match.

The second step is to enter your email address and think up a password. Pretty common procedures. Then, of course, a nickname, which is seen by other members and characterizes you all the way long. Try to be creative and funny about it because creative nicknames always grab someone’s attention. But remember that it should describe you at least somehow.

After these simple steps, you’ll have to update your profile info: your birthdate, location, and so on. Another important field is your introduction. Try to make it interesting, but keep it informative, so do not make it rather long.

Is There any Verification?

Is There any Verification?

Yes, there is verification for every new member, which is definitely good because it increases the community quality. First things to first, you can’t ignore registration requirements. All the information must be filled in before you can go forward. Also, your profile should contain at least one photo. This photo will be sent to the moderation to check whether it’s appropriate or not. Only high-quality photos with well recognizable face are going to be approved. All fake accounts are getting banned immediately.

How Many Time Does It Take?

The entire registration takes only a few minutes. The most difficult part of is, perhaps, is creating a nickname and introduction. You can make this procedure even faster by signing in using your Facebook account. Here it is! You have successfully become a member of Adventist Connect, and you are now ready for matching.

Adventist Singles Connection — a Closer Look at Profiles

There is a tip for everyone who is willing to achieve success using Adventist Singles Connections. Consider your account as the representative of yourself on the internet. It describes you, denotes your intentions, and tells a lot about your personality. Since you want to find a serious relationship, you have to do your best and put as much effort into your profile as you can. A bright, interesting, and filled profile is half of the way to success. Do not be lazy at presenting yourself to the hypothetical partner!

The algorithm of the site is based on your answers. In other words, everything you tell about yourself helps you to find the most suitable person. Suggestions work for the opposite side too. So the amount of filled information increases your chances to be suggested. After that, the main idea is grabbing the attention of a new visitor. Would you be interested in a kind of empty account? Not exactly.

Adventist Singles Connection — What Can be Found?

All the personal information, such as age, location, marital status, and a lot more, is displayed in your account. The main photo that you must upload adhering to the verifying rules is your avatar; meanwhile, other photos are placed into the album in your profile. However, to see the whole information of the particular user, or to use the advanced search, you must have a premium account. The standard account has a lot of restrictions due to the fact that it’s free.

Adventist Singles Connection — How to Find the Right Person?

Adventist Singles Connection — How to Find the Right Person?

After the registration, you would probably want to start searching for someone who matches your specified characteristics. According to the criteria you set, the algorithm of the site begins to look through the profiles. First, the best matches, then it comes to the accounts with a lower percentage of matching. The single Adventist of your life is somewhere in that stream of new profiles that are worth to be noticed. Every 10 minutes, a new account is created to satisfy your requests, which makes it almost impossible to stop searching until you’ll finally find your fate.

Standard Account Browsing Opportunities

The registration makes you a standard member. This kind of membership is a free one, but most of the features are locked in that case. Still, you can search for people – moreover, you can apply some filters. You are able to filter the results by how old this person is, male or female account, the height of a person, its marital status, where this person locates, and what is their education.

Once you have bought a premium membership, you can enjoy the advanced browsing options. The matchmaking system of the premium account is much better and convenient. You’ll be surprised the way it works because the chance of a perfect fit is incredible. It may seem a bit unfair, but this service is totally worth paying. No one is going to cheat you or rob you. However, you can continue browsing without paying.

What Is After You Match Someone?

Adventist match works great, to be honest. Thanks to the platform’s matchmaking, you’ve got hundreds of profiles showed to you. This profile list is based on your preferences, as it was already mentioned, and contains the avatar and all necessary information of each user. The main point of matching is to start to communicate using one of the options. You can’t reach the person you liked by some other messengers or a phone call because personal contacts are not allowed to be posted. In order to know more personal information, you have to make contact via the website first. And that is pretty fair, in fact, because personal information is protected by the privacy law. The other reason is that using the site’s features should be paid back.

How Can you Communicate?

Plenty of communication methods are available for you. You either texting in the integrated messenger, or you can send an email via site’s mail system. Or maybe you want to have a conversation with the users online? Use the online chat! Also, users can like photos in each’s profiles, send smileys and use a special feature of the site, which is called «Think you’d click» that shows your opinion about someone.

All About Chats

All About Chats

Okay, you have finally got through all the steps and ready to engage a conversation. We all know how to text all day long, and there is nothing new about it. Almost every single site, social web, or whatever it is can supply us with a good chatting solution. Send a message to SDA singles if you have a crush on him/her, and enjoy your new friend.

But it’s boring sometimes because the emotions you have can’t be shared through text. You need something better, something more accurate, like a voice chat. Or even more, a video chat, to be able to see pure emotions. All these features are made to help you with your little journey. Of course, the best options are available only for premium accounts. It’s up to you to decide whether you want more or you are satisfied with the features you have.

The Security of Adventist Singles Connection

This is a serious aspect of every online service because you provide the site with your personal data. And, of course, everyone wants to be guaranteed that their money won’t be stolen, if it comes to pad services. Perhaps, the security question is the first question that should pop up in your mind, before you sign in for a dating site. Search for the information at the site first because every site like this must have a safety page, privacy policy page, or something like that. Otherwise, it’s better not to trust it.

Protection is Everything

Moderators of the site are doing their best to make you protected. Even the initial phase of becoming a member is connected with verification. The moderation of photos lowers hypothetical cheating or inappropriate actions. Also, the site provides a 24/7 support service that dedicatedly takes care of every submission.

Can You Meet Suspicious Accounts?

Can You Meet Suspicious Accounts?

The lack of scam profiles is another merit of the Adventist dating service. The verification process and thoughtful registration procedure make it hard to create fake profiles. One more cause of a small number of scams is the great support team. Whenever you notice inappropriate actions or abuse of Service’s Terms, you can submit a report. Remember to follow special rules in order to protect yourself even more. Do not share your financial info, do not share private info without being matched, do not send money to unknown users.

What Happens to Profiles That do Not obey Rules?

In case of suspicious or inappropriate actions were confirmed, the account is sent to the ban list. All empty profiles are considered as good to be banned too. It helps to create a trusty community and a good reputation.

Meet the Support Team

As was already said, the Seventh Day Adventist dating site should definitely have a support team, and so it has! Every incoming request is operated as fast as it could be. Fairly speaking, the support team works really efficiently. To contact it, just use the Help section that is always available at the bottom of the site. Here are some advises to make your request better:

  • Remember to log in before submitting a request. Otherwise, leave your account email to make it easier to reach you by the support team;
  • Carefully describe the situation in order not to miss some essential details. The more information you give — the more qualified feedback you can receive;
  • If it comes to a technical issue, it’s better to make a screenshot of the page where you met the problem. Highlight those moments that do not work properly and describe your path to the problem.
  • Keep the request number from the automatic notification, in case of any issue will come up.

Interface and Usability

Interface and Usability

The interface is very user-friendly, unlike many other dating services. There are no vulgar ads with a lot of fake claims and nudities that annoy you all the time. User experience is not spoiled with a maze-structured interface or gaudy design. All you can see from the very beginning is a beautifully developed and well-adjusted home page. Matches are simple and intuitive and organized in the way it should be – no scrolls, no dozens of tabs, and popping notifications that can scare you off. All of these make you really enjoy the process of browsing. It’s a little bit rare today, and that is a great head start for the Seventh Day Adventist Singles platform. However, ads are still here, but there are not many of them. Guess, it’s a modern trend that is not even connected with money because this site has a good income for sure. And so it makes advertising unnecessary. Though, it’s quite simple to deal with it. «LookBook» page shows you the photos posted by users, nickname, introduction, and the percentage of your matching.

Adventist Singles Connection App in Your Mobile

Install the special app on your mobile phone to have access wherever you are. It’s even simpler to use than the site. So it won’t take a while for you to familiarize yourself with the app.

There are five tabs on your screen, which are your homepage, messages, browsing page, likes, and options. It’s super easy to find everything you need. You will find no difference with the desktop version. What is more preferable for you? Mobile apps such as Seventh Day Adventist apps give you opportunities to have a great dating experience at any location. Broaden your possibilities with the help of the internet. Wi-Fi is all you need to stay in touch with. This way of using is going to suit a younger audience – the elder audience can enjoy a convenient and relaxing interface with large photos.

Membership Options

Membership Options

This Seventh Day Adventist dating site has two versions of the membership. It can either a trial version or a premium account. A trial version is free and has limited access to the presented features, and meanwhile, premium accounts are paid. Depending on the subscription type, you can get more profitable offers. However, there are some special features that are allowed for both types of membership.

For example, the «SpotLight» can be purchased additionally. It allows you to be on top of searches. Whenever your potential match is searching for a partner, you will appear first. That increases your chances of success.

The «LookBook» is another feature for your greater experience. You can base your search on the location range all together with your preferences – a lot of profiles in a tile view to briefly look through them.

«Messaging+» actually becomes available with the premium subscription. This feature provides the possibility of unlimited chatting with all members, despite their membership type.

Standard Account

    The list of possible actions is not that long as you’d want. You can post photos, use winks to communicate, search for partners using the limited number of filters. And it’s rather funny but a little bit useless. It’s more like killing time in some casual video games because the general meaning of Adventist match is to have a date in real life. Due to the restrictions regarding messaging for a standard account, it seems impossible to reach this aim.

    Premium Features

    All these facts make the purchase of a premium account very advisable. You’ll also have the invisible mode to browse profiles, unlimited messaging, and advanced search. These features maximize your perfect-match chances.

    Adventist Singles Connection — How Much Does It Cost?

    Adventist Singles Connection — How Much Does It Cost?

    The pricing of the Seven Day Adventist singles platform has a standard organization method: longer subscription terms are more profitable in the long run. Compare to other similar sites, the prices here are very affordable. Especially when it concerns bigger terms, which makes sense from the perspective of building a relationship of your life. You can buy one month for $35,99. Meanwhile, three months subscription reduces month cost to $19.99. Six months require $17.99 per each month and 12 months — $15.99

    How to Cancel Adventist Singles Connection Subscription?

    Your Seventh Day Adventist dating subscription is canceled by deleting your profile. An account will be deleted permanently! The following step will guide through the account removing:

    1.Choose your profile via the icon or «My account»;

    2.Go to the account settings;

    3.Press «Delete my account» and check all the boxes;

    4.Enter your password.


    This platform is definitely worth trying if you were looking for something like that. It’s good to have a real product in the ocean of fake and vulgar dating sites. Big companies such as Sparks Network can be trusted, for sure. They know what they do. Helping people to find other people, share their beliefs is a good intention, and it’s really important to have such services. Choose Adventist Singles connection among other Adventist dating sites to check if it really suits you.

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