PositiveSingles Review: Can It Help People With STDs Find Happiness & Love?

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PositiveSingles is a platform that unites singles diagnosed with various STDs like Herpes, Gonorrhea, AIDS, etc. The main aim is to smooth the process of finding happiness & love disregarding the diagnosis. The motto of the website is to provide comfortable settings for people with HPV, HIV, or any other type of disease. The website promotes the idea that life is not over. Moving on, meeting new people, new acquaintances, friends, or even short- term relationships is possible for the person with STD.

The latest data published by WHO says that more than 1 million STIs are diagnosed daily. Provided by the American scholars’ statistics claims that by the age of 25, every second American will contract STI. The number of people is growing, but it should not limit their freedoms. A kind of stigma around the singles with STD needs to be eliminated. PositiveSingles unites people who perceive the disease as a part of their life now and not a barrier. The numbers signal the need for platforms for people with STDs to exchange their experiences and, of course, have a normal love life.

The main pillars that form the standards are privacy, respect, and care. PositiveSingles is proof of a community where a person with a sexually- transmitted disease feels open and unchained. Seeking a shoulder of support, a romantic affair, or even a person to have a friendly conversation with is simple. With the online dating world, all the boundaries and stereotypes get out of the way. PositiveSingles is a tool for enjoying sexual conversations, finding a penpal, and receiving medical advice.

Members structure & activity

Members structure & activity

PositiveSingles is a social network for people of all age categories. Everyone is welcome to join the website. What makes the website popular and attractive is that any person can find a partner there. Since the website does not discriminate against people, does not limit any freedoms, and puts no labels, the number of members is growing in the blink of the eye. Besides talking to potential romantic counterparts, members are also engaging in conversations at forums and blogs.

PositiveSingles forums contain several sections related to topics discussed. It contains a range of information, starting from funny dating stories to serious health recommendations. Not to mention the health counselors who assist with the most common aches and pains of the users. The website is multifunctional.

This feature makes it so popular. In addition to looking for romantic relationships, one can find medical information. It is all about sharing your experiences and learning from each other’s mistakes. Since the membership types vary, any size of the wallet can afford using it.

Website Activity Assessment

The total number of users is, of course, changing every day, but on average, 50 000 people are active every week. The latest data on registered users is approximately 150 000 people from the US. As to gender distribution, about 70 % of the users are females.

A unique feature of this website is that the profile of an individual can be turned into a personal blog. It was mostly due to users who started sharing their experience of living with the disease. Instead of regular sentences on the mood of the day, people preferred to tell the world how it feels to live with STD.

For someone who lacks confidence, this website will not only be entertaining but inspirational. It is an open-source that gives the users absolute freedom of speech. So, if today you want to talk about how you like cats go ahead. If tomorrow your mood swings to being a bit under the weather, go ahead and share it with the world.

Age Groups

The main categories traced so far are people from 18 to 55+. It means that any age category can be found. Although it should be noted that the higher number of people among both males and females belongs to the age category of 35 – 44 y.o. As mentioned before, the number of registered and active users changes constantly. It can also be happening due to the differences in the time zones. The website hosts users from all over the world.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

On the stage of registration, the user is requested to fill in a form. It has three sections:

  • Questions regarding the user profile
  • Visuals (photos)
  • Questions on potential matches

While filling in the information about themselves, users are indicating the STDs they live with. The website provides quite an exhaustive list of STDs that includes Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, HPV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and the section other. Besides, when indicating the preferences about the match, the user can indicate the desirable STD to be matched with.

After getting acquainted with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, the user profile is created. The website policies emphasize that the website is exclusively for singles with STDs. The profiles that give out the signs of scamming activity are deleted instantly.

Every profile goes through the process of approval. It is revised by the real human being to ensure the real identity is used. The information like income, personal data, and occupation can be verified as a part of the privacy protocol of the website.

Making First Contacts

Initiating the dialogue with the other user is an option available for the users with the membership. Receiving the messages and replying to them is for free. There is an alternative, though. It is possible to leave a comment on someone’s page. It will be a public comment which will potentially attract the attention of other users. The website has an emailing function as well. It is used for receiving promotions, offers, and messages from the PositiveSingles administration. For enjoying the unlimited number of options at PositiveSingles, it is recommended to get the premium membership.

Profile Settings

Since the profile contains vital information about the user, it is important to fill it with the relevant information. The benefit of the website is that the user’s profile is public, hence everyone will see it. Besides, there is a function that allows other users to leave public comments on the profile. You can upload up to 26 photos, and they might be stored in a private or public album.

It is possible to insert the link with the video introduction about yourself. By default, the website gives you a choice to identify what type of relationships you are looking for. The options include penpal, friend, long -term, or marriage.

The list can be modified by including more information on your intentions in one of the profile sections. And with purchasing, the paid membership options on managing your profile are extending greatly.

The advanced options like looking at when the users were last online are available with the premium membership.

The website concerning privacy does a lot. Protecting your data is possible by using the anonymous email address the website provides.

Advantages of PositiveSingles Paid Membership

Getting Paid membership opens the following set of options:

  • Appearing in the top of searches
  • Accessing Large Format Photos
  • Filtering the search and hiding certain members from searches
  • Starting email or chat conversations
  • Opens data about when the members were online last
  • Access to the Advanced Search
  • Show the list of users who looked at your profile

Searching Options

The core function that allows users to find the match searches. The search option includes a wide range of categories. To be specific, the user can be found by:

  • Horoscope Sign
  • Online/ Offline Status
  • Location
  • Date of Registration
  • Gender, age, etc.

Using the advanced search enables looking for a match by keywords or any sections of the profile.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

PositiveSingles App is compatible with iOS and Android. The interface of the mobile version is similar to the website. However, options like communication with the health expert or finding the treatment locations will only be available on the website. Also, chat rooms and forums are only available on the website. The app comes in handy for texting with potential matches and receiving notifications.

Website Usability

The interface of PositiveSingles was created to minimize the efforts for the users. All the options are located conveniently. The chats and forums belong to the most complicated category of the websites. However, it takes two minutes to figure out how to use it.

Subscription Types and Pricing

PositiveSingles has a set of free services as well as the paid ones. The payment options include PayPal, cheque, or credit card. The memberships that the user can purchase are 1 ($ 29.95), 3 ($19.98), or 6 ($15.99) months. With getting a longer subscription, the user saves money. Also, the 1-month membership renews automatically.

The longer ones need the user’s confirmation. As a bonus, when the system charges for membership, it sends the bill signed as the “SuccessfulMatch” website, for the sake of privacy.

The website’s prices are relatively moderate. Taking into account that premium membership opens all doors on the website, the price that starts from $ 29.90 is affordable for a person with an average income.

PositiveSingles Additional Features

PositiveSingles Additional Features

Besides having a standard set of features, the website is constantly being updated with additional special ones.

Perfect First Date

As practice shows, one of the dating struggles is the first date. The meeting itself is daunting, and in addition to that, the setting is burdening the couple. As a solution, PositiveSingles introduced the field in every user’s account, which asks for their perfect date idea.

There is a page where these ideas are collected and available for the look through. Hence, the users get hints on how to set up their ideal dates in the future. The same vision of the first date is also a reason to get to know someone better. The users see it as a sign of having common grounds and matching personalities.

The Meeting

“Let’s Meet” is another special feature of the website. It works in the form of a game. It works in rounds, the number of which is unlimited. The users are offered a collection of profiles. It is up to them to swipe left (dislike) or right (like). If the users swiped each other right, it means they matched. The round contains eight pictures. After every round, the user receives a kind of summary that offers to continue swiping or start communicating with the matches.

It should be noted that the website has a global outreach, although most users come from North America and Europe. PositiveSingles is actively used around the globe. Thus, many language options are available.